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Which handle do you prefer, Tradere or Ikon?

Which handle do you prefer, Tradere or Ikon?

  • I prefer the Tradere.

  • I prefer the Ikon.

  • No preference, they are both great.

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I have both handles and just finished testing both on a 15c OC head. I will be doing the same with an R89 head, did the first shave this morning using the Ikon handle.

They're both great handles but with the 15c head I found the shorter Ikon balances better. This morning the R89/ikon combo gave me a wonderful shave, it'll be interesting to see how the Tradere works.
I didn't vote because I prefer the Ikon OCC handle. It's very similar to the Feather AS. If I have to choose between the Ikon bulldog and Tradere, then my answer is the latter. I was thinking about a Weber bulldog handle. Is it slightly bigger than the Ikon bulldog?
The knurling on the Tradere is just so tactile; not too aggressive, but with plenty of grip.

The added length on the Tradere handle also allows greater manoeuverability.

Both are extraordinarily good, so you could be happy with either (or in my case, both!!!)
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