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What's your most potent shave stick?

I was using my DR Harris Arlington stick today (I use sticks when I travel) and was amazed at how much lather it produces from a small rub session on my face. I use their puck as well, and it doesn't seem any more potent than other shave pucks I have, and some even beat it (LASS is crazy potent!)... But this stick is bonkers. I swear I could leave the cap on when I rub it on my face and lather would still explode everywhere. I will admit where I am now has much softer water than my house, so that could skew it some.... But still. It's crazy.

So anyhow. Let's hear it. What stick do you own that produces lather like mad with only a small amount? I'm looking for the CF type potency of shave sticks. :)
I don't find the Tabac stick nearly as potent as the DR Harris stick.

I wonder if the stick and puck are different in any way other than shape because I've had similar experience to yours with the puck. I've only ever used the DR Harris puck and it was okay, but I found that compared to Tabac puck or Irisch Moos stick the lather was nowhere near as thick and "cushiony" and that it took a lot more effort to get what I could out of it. Maybe I'll try using my puck like a stick next time to see if it makes a difference or I'll remember to order a stick next time I buy some.
Go figure....!
I had thought of dropping the DRH Arlington stick from my travel shave kit. It sorely disappointed me on my last trip.... poor,
thin, all round crappy lather when applied to the face from the stick. A little better when I added more soap after rubbing the
brush across the stick. Neither method got me the lather usually derived from the Arlington puck!
When I travel time space and energy can't be wasted,,,, considering the price of DRH, I expected much better.
Leaving for Las Vegas next week and will probably throw in a tube of Clinique Comfort shave cream; it seems to work pretty well in
at-home trial runs.
Arko and LaToja..both can easily share the top spot.

Tabac, Boots, Derby, and Palmolive bring up the rear by a wide margin. I never can get the Palmolive to work anywhere near as well as any of the aforementioned sticks.
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