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What's Your Latest 100 Blade Purchase, And Why?

There are many reasons folks here have made 100 blade purchases, and I would like to know why they have made their most recent 100 blade purchase, or purchases.

My last purchase was for Personna Blues. It was my first 100 blade purchase, and is my most recent one. Because, I needed a refill, and also because of their possible plant closures. Lovely sharp, and smooth blade, that works well in about every razor I have.

The one before that was Gillette 7 o'clock Yellow. Just because they are so darn good. Very sharp, and very smooth. So good that it would be a shame not to have more.
I picked up 100 GSB from the bay. It was my first bulk purchase. I made it because I found myself comparing every blade I tried to it and personna lab blue, and I have yet to find anything I like better. Sure, there are a few in the same league, but I couldn't pass up the great price I found.
My last 100 blade purchase was a pack of Voskhods. I thought I had settled on Gillette Silver Blue DE blades, but then I tried Voskhods. I really liked them. So I purchased the 100 pack. I did this because they were so much cheaper per blade than smaller quantities. An order of 25 blades was going to cost me about $8, but a pack of 100 was going to cost me about $16. I went from paying $0.32 a blade to paying $0.16 a blade. Plus it's just cool to buy DE blades. :001_cool:
My last purchase is a pack of 100 Feather blades. They were in sale. I use normally Astra SP blades. I wanted sharper blades than the Astra's. And, since I was buying soap and aftershave, I've added a pack of 100 Feather blades to the order.
My latest purchase of 100 blades are Feather blades. I easily get 14 shaves per blade in a couple of my razors. 4 years worth of shaves with 100 blades, hard to beat.
My latest 100-pack purchase was Astra SP. Maggards was running their pre-move sale with a hefty discount (15% if I remember correctly), so I ordered a few things I'd been wanting anyway.
Latest 200-pack is for Vikings Sword, my son and I both like them. I did buy a 100-pack of Blue birds but sadly I've run through almost all of them and they're not available anymore.

250 of the legendary Wizamet Polsilver blades,their reputation is well deserved,one of the worlds finest blades and out of production for decades.If you find some grab them,you'll be glad you did.
My most recent 100+ blade purchase was a Russian blade sampler from eBay. I bought it because the price was low and it contained some brands I already knew I like and others I'd been wanting to try.
My only to date, and waiting for delivery is 100 Voskhod's. After ~10 months of sampling various brands these were one of my favourites, comfortable smooth shaves, consistent from blade to blade, when i saw how inexpensive they were, even to Canada, i pulled the trigger. An easy two years plus of daily shaves for me.
PolSilver and Rapira. My eBay seller happened to be selling them and I felt like adding to the collection. I'd heard PolSilver SI have a bit of longevity. I found they save just the same. For the longevity part, I have not tried pushing anything past 6 days.
What are the hot blades out there now, that you guys are buying?
Anything new? Or, just the same old stuff.
Buying blades in small drabs is like going out on a date. A little ventured, maybe a little gained/maybe a little lost. No big deal one way or the other. A 50 blade purchase - should last a year or so - is like getting engaged. Anything more than 100 is a marriage.

Last week my shipment of 200 Gillette Rubies arrived from their native Russia. Went on a couple of dates with the Rubies over the last few months and decided to get hitched.

I caught some grief from the other blade in my life, the Polsilver SI. I still have 250 in my den. I am certain that I will be able to successfully manage both of my love interests.

Is blade polygamy wrong?
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