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What's your favorite "quick smoke" pipe?

I have the luxury of being able to smoke at work and in my vehicle. I never really smoked cigarettes, but I do hand roll my own pipe tobacco blends and enjoy them as a quick smoke. It's never as good as a pipe, though.

For you guys that smoke a pipe during work/lunch breaks or use a small pipe for whatever reasons, what are you smoking? I've collected and smoked pipes for 25+ years but most of them are things that I enjoy at home. My preference is for a bigger bowl there. I'm just curious what other people use for their "smoke break" smoke. ;)
I've got a little Brebbia 623 that's good for a short smoke. There's also an assortment of MM cobs that would do a fine job as well. If I were in the market for a knock around briar, then I might email Chris Morgan - Bones Series asking for something small in a shape that I fancied.
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