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What To Expect

Hi friends:

Learned to shave as a lad from Dad who of course used the Gillette butterfly DE. I strayed, long story short, after 40 years I'm back.

Started two weeks ago with a Merkur and Merkur blades. Good shave, although I usually do two passes, sometimes N-S, S-N, and even touch ups.


Just received my new Parker butterfly 96R and Shark blades. What should I expect from that combo?


I find the shark blades to be pretty good. I've never used a Parker DE, but as with anything shave related YMMV. If whatever gear you're using, if it works for you you're golden. Just don't rush things, and be all means, USE NO PRESSURE.


"To Wiki or Not To Wiki, That's The Question".
Welcome to B&B!

It depends, it should be a good combo but this varies from one to another, the best way to use the razor is to try different blades in it until you find the right blade for you.

The no pressure advice is the best advice and take your time!
Welcome to B&B!

The Sharks are pretty good blades. I haven't used a Parker. Watch out for mechanical problems: I hope you will be fortunate, but Parker has a poor reputation for build quality around here.
Thanks for the info, all. I think I'll start by putting a Shark in my Merkur. Since I've already been shaving with that, I can see the difference in the blade.

Next, I'll use a Merkur blade with the new Parker, then switch to a Shark. That should tell me all I need to know.

As for quality, the Parker seems to open and close tightly, although it is frankly lighter than what I expected.

As for pressure and time, I use none of the former and take lots of the latter. I'm in no hurry. And I'm a bit of a chicken around my nose--I still do a pre-shave with my electric there. I remember getting nicks there at 16 and they hurt like something that hurts, so I'm not anxious to do that again.

And I don't use a witch hazel at all; I use Eucerin Oatmeal Calming Cream Daily Moisturizer, or Cetaphil Daily Advance Hydrating Lotion (the last two are on advice from my bride.) This is one of the best parts of the ritual--my skin feels great and the health of it has improved.

My Royall After Shaves, like Bay Rum and Orange Mandarin, I now use as a hair dressing, which makes my scalp feel great, and still gives me the aroma.

Nice being here--love the forum, and thanks to B&B I got a 10% discount the other day at Cambridge Chemist in the City, where I bought some Atkinson's Lavender and Shark blades!

The Shark blades are pretty good. I have some of the Shark Super Stainless and have liked them. Nice pick up on the Atkison's English Lavender. It is a nice scent, which I especially like during the summer!
Expect horrible horrible results and you will never take an interest in wet shaving ever again :biggrin1: j/k... Was just saying that cause i found out my local antiques said a couple more guys came in yesterday looking for razors. Starting to get slim pickn's around here. Nah but seriously though the more practice you get, the more you'll enjoy it. Also in part cause you'll try different razors and spoil yourself with all sorts of new creams or products. Welcome to B&B!
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