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What stones?

I'm going to invest in stones. I have a razor I need to set the edge and I want to finish with a nice, smooth, sharp edge. What grits should I buy? Are the Shapton stones as bad as Norton stones for beveling and glazing? Thanks for all your feedback.
The Shapton Ha No Kuromako (Japanese version of the Shapton pro series) have served me well. I have the 2k through 30k, though nowadays I really only use the 2k and maybe the 5k and 8k, then switch to a natural finisher. How far up I go with the synthetics depends on what natural I’m going to finish on.

The Naniwa Professional stones also nice and seem to be well liked. I have the 1k-5k and then the Naniwa Superstone 8k and 12k. That being said I don’t like them quite as much as the Shaptons as they seem a bit slower and begin to dish more quickly, but the Naniwas are a bit more forgiving in my experience.


Just one razor? Probably should get a set of films 1micron to 25micron and a piece of glass. If you're planning on buying and honing razors on a regular basis for several years, then a set of stones makes sense.
A set of films and an acrylic block is the way to go. After that you can pour the money you saved into a few Atoma diamond lapping plates and good quality natural finisher for the ultimate edge. You can totally shave of the 1 micron film but the natural edge is way better.

The film has a lot of advantages. You get a lot of progression steps for your money. The small grit steps, always flat surface and large runway make honing easy to learn as a beginner. It’s a cheap way to start with no compromise in edge quality. It’s a bit of messing around to use so there is some trade off in convenience but once you have a good edge and a finisher you won’t ever need to go back to the films. It’s a fool proof progression. I still go back to it whenever I get stuck.

If your heart is set in stones, the Shapton glass stones are great. My suggestion is to save your money for the stones you will use most often.

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