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What razor blade did you use today? How many days?

Gillette 7O'CLOCK Super Platinum (12).

Last shave yesterday was very difficult on my beard. I felt a sensation of depilation. Today I installed an open ridge in my system to increase aggressiveness. Got two crying, and a lot of grinding for complete smoothness. Joy of BBS for hard work. I wanted to drop the blade, but the example of the people of the escalibur made me leave it one more time. As comrade Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin said, an attempt is not torture. I'm not trying to save money on blades, but I like to use 100% material resources. I will work with this blade one more time. I do not want to accelerate the death of my planet from waste garbage blades. All a good shave and good mood. With respect, your sincere friend, Eugene.
German Wilkinson Sword (20)

Really confused, was about to bin this blade because I feel it doesn't cut so well.
But once my skin dried up it's almost BBS, except some minor spots. Obviously it does cut, so I can't complain at all, comfortable.
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