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What pre shave did you use today?

Warm tap water over pre applied dabs of C. O. Bigelow cream. I then lather up with Williams Mug shaving soap. the The cream is used to cover a scab are where my doctor removed a mole for a skin cancer check--negative. I also cover several recent scratch mark(s) from a dog pawing my face in the morning.
I generally don't use preshave, other than a hot shower right before I shave. But if I don't shower, I use GD Preshave.


Nancy Boy Signature oil. It’s a bit thick, but it’s effective, and it washes off hands, brush and razor with just a dab of liquid hand soap.
I've been using Sommerset's shave oil. It's sat in the fridge for years (I keep alot of toiletries in there, you sort of have to if you have a large rotation of stuff), but it's still usable. It's a nice change of pace from essentially using nothing. I'm going to try it next in combination with C&E's Almond triple-milled soap, I figure it could help the fact the soap has so little conditioning.
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