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What kind of gillette is this?

Hi what kind of gillette is this.

It was made in 1964 and is marked as j3?

is this a "slim"

Also when did they start making slims?
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That is a Slim. Just fyi, there is a prohibition here against posting links to live auctions ..


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Having said that, you can pick up a slim for a very reasonable price on the BST, a lot cheaper than that.

Presumably the price is high because it is supposed to be NOS, but if your going to use it, then it won't be, thus no need to pay such a high price.

Unless you're just interested in getting it as a looker and not a user, in which case, a cardboard backing strip doesn't seem to be much reason to pay an unreasonable price for a razor.


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While the final price will more than likely be higher, $41 isn't unreasonable for a NOS Slim.

No doubt about it. I guess I was just saying that as a fellow with so few posts that he was probably looking for a slim as a shaver and not as a collector.
In which case, the NOS would be removed from the packaging, and no longer be NOS.
If he was looking for a shaver, he could get a better deal on BST.
I just presumed he was looking for a razor to use, as opposed to collect. Of course, RAD might have already kicked in, so I could be wrong.
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