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What is your EDC knife?

For those of you guys that carry a pocket knife what do you carry? My favorite brand is Benchmade. I don't carry everyday, but when I do I usually carry my Benchmade Elishewitz Stryker, or Benchmade AFCK Also bought a Spyderco Tenacious (because of the great reviews on amazon) that I sometimes carry although I think its a little big(my own fault should of looked at the dimensions before ordering it).


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I guess it's all according to one's perspective, but I sure find the older style pocket knives to be a lot more handsome than what I mostly see these days. Not talking about efficiency or effectiveness, so not trying to start an argument. I just find my preference runs to the style of traditional Case, Russel, etc.
$Russel Knife.jpg
I've been carrying a Spyderco Slip-It UK Penknife with olive drab G-10 handles, but I rotate a fair bit between that, a few Benchmades, a few CRKTs, an old Henckels, a SOG Spec Elite I, and few others. I've added an old Buck folder to the rotation, but it needs a bit of restoration before it sees much action.
My favourites are my Kershaw Blur and Kershaw Clash. The Clash is pretty much their Taiwanese production version of the Blur (slightly different cosmetics, but very similar). The dealer suggested I try it out and I have been very impressed. It's a steal at around 1/3rd of the price of the US version. Don't get me wrong, I still prefer the US version and the Kershaws are a great value at under $100 for a US made knife. Also, I don't think I ever want to have another knife without the assisted opening system. I have a couple of Gerbers that I keep in the glove compartments of our cars and I find they're difficult to open even with two hands. Of course, they're the uber-economy ones that came 2 for $40.
Ever since it arrived, this Grohmann folding pocket knife that I picked up in their factory seconds sale (it has a [sarcasm]truly hideous[/sarcasm] 3mm long barely-perceptible scratch in one of the rosewood scales), has been my EDC blade. I don't expect that to change terribly soon.
I really like those Kershaw assisted opening knives. Quality knife, made in USA at a decent price. I think my next knife is gonna be a Kershaw Leek.
I think I picked this one up at Dick's for like $30. Its a smaller knife, but I was carrying around larger ones for protection on campus and upon graduating figured I didn't really need that anymore and picked up this. Its perfect for slicing and cutting, but the tip is this so you gotta be careful stabbing anything.
I carry a Cold Steel Rajah 3 every day. Before this it was a Spyderco Tenacious, being in Colorado Spyderco's are cheep. But my CS Rajah 3 is a bigger work horse, i can chop wood with this thing, it's not just for opening boxes.

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