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What Happened to Rooney?

Coming back to the hobby after a few years off and I find out that my favorite brush company is kind of maybe gone? I see lots of stuff like this:

Rooney made some great brushes, it's a shame what the company has been reduced to.

But I can't find any definitive info. What happened? I'm kind of heartbroken about it.
I don't know what happened, but it's too bad they are no longer an option. They were great brushes and were one of the most recommended in 2009 when I joined this site. I still have 3 Rooney silvertips, a 3/1 coral (2009), a 1/1 (2012) and one of the last T&H (Rooney) 1/2 (early 2013). I've sold or given away quite a few brushes since 2009, but my 3 Rooneys are still in use.
Sadly, he passed away in 2014.

They are listed, but I don't think any Rooneys they list are available online. Maybe at the store in Pasadena

I thought the same thing, but noticed a banner on the opening page to click for online items and all the Rooney brushes seem to be available at a nice sale price.
Wow - just saw this! I have a Rooney 1/2 (I think? can't remember). Really nice brush. It sits in the closet as I have been a Semogue 830 user for years now; 5+ years. Got it from Vintage Blades (no longer owned by Jim; what ever happened to him??)
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