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What does your entire shave routine look like?

Your shaving routine

  • Hot/warm shower

  • Hot/warm towel on face

  • Lather face, Place Hot/warm towel on face, wait then wipe lather off

  • Pre shave oil

  • Pre shave cream

  • Regular temperature lather

  • Warm lather from scuttle

  • Alum Block

  • Witch Hazel

  • After Shave Splash

  • After Shave Balm

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I am wondering what your typical routine looks like. I made it a multiple choice poll so you can see that maybe 95% of people do one thing but only 5% do something else. I am curious how in depth some shaves are and how minimalist some are as well as what is most popular. Thanks.

Pre Shave
1. Hot/warm shower2. Hot/warm towel on face
3. Lather face, Place Hot/warm towel on face, wait then wipe lather off
4. Pre shave oil
5. Pre shave cream

6. Cold lather7. Regular temperature lather
8. Warm lather from scuttle

After Shave
9. Alum Block
10. Witch Hazel
11. After Shave Splash
12. After Shave Balm
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Pre Shave
warm shower

Although I would not classify the shower as Pre Shave, nor part of my shaving routine. It happens that I take advantage of the soften beard after the shower. I cannot imagine starting the day without a shower.

Regular temperature lather

While my bowl and brush are on the warm side, my lather ends up lukewarm.

After Shave
Sometimes, more often than not, almost daily: Alum Block
Rinse after a minute then apply:
Witch Hazel
After Shave Splash
After Shave Balm

Takes about ten minutes.
Pre Shave

1. Start soaking brush in lathering bowl in warm water
2. Put a few drops of water on top of the soap to soften the top
3. Warm Shower


4. Regular Temperature Lather
5. Shave

Post Shave

6. Warm Water Rinse
7. Cold Water Rinse
8. Brush teeth while skin is drying
9. Splash on Witch Hazel
10. Clean up equipment and sink as Witch Hazel is drying
11. Splash on After Shave Splash
Pre Shave
1. Hot shower
2. Soak Brush, I find no need to soak for the entire time I shower.
3. Few drops of water on soap.
4. Brush teeth, etc.

5. Regular temp lather.
6. Warm water rinse.

After Shave
7. Alum Block, rinsed off with cold water.
8. Clean up toys.
9. Cold water rinse.
10. Thayer's WH, sometimes.
11. After Shave Splash.

Good poll. Can you add cold lather?
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I can't add cold lather but a moderator can edit the poll.

Also out of curiosity when you say cold lather you specifically do it with cold tap water?
Hot shower
Exfoliating face wash
Shampoo/Conditioner over beard

Face lather with brush soaked in hot water
Warm rinse between passes

Post Shave
Cool water rinse
Alum Block rub
Pre Shave:
-Warm/Hot shower
-Face Scrub (while in shower)
-Face wash (while in shower)
-Pre-shave cream

*(while in the shower I always let the brush sit in warm water in the shave bowl.)
-Apply shave cream
-Cool water rinse
-Towel off face

Post Shave:

-Apply after shave balm
-Apply a tiny bit of face conditioner
-Apply cologne
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  1. Soak lather bowl, brush, and a towel in hot water
  2. Noxzema facial scrub
  3. Glycerine Rub
  4. Shower as hot as I can stand
  5. Dry rest of body, not drying face and head (I'm a headshaver, too!)
  6. Dress Lower half (a dropped razor cutting unmentionables does NOT appeal to me!)
  7. Wring out hot water soaked towel
  8. Wrap towel around head like a kaffiyeh covering face too, leaving only eye area uncovered
  9. Create copious amounts of uberlather, usually with MWF, Proraso Green, and 5 drops of glycerine
  10. Remove towel
  11. 3 pass shave on face with Fatboy at 5
  12. 3 pass shave on head with fatboy at 6 or 7
  13. Hot water rinse
  14. Cold water compress with washcloth
  15. Apply witch hazel generously
  16. Apply Simpsons ASL
  17. Apply Nivea Sensitive Skin AFB (Love the smell of this stuff!)
  18. Finish dressing
  19. Spray of whichever cologne I prefer that night
  20. Relax in post shave zen-like bliss
Wash face with with either glycerin soap or face scrub (while in shower)

Load brush
Wet face with cold/warm water
Apply either Razorock Shave Gel or Shave Secret as pre-shave
Face lather
Cold rinse between passes

Apply Witch Hazel and Alum if necessary
Apply AS Balm
Slap on some Clubman Pinaud or Lucky Tiger Aspen before leaving house if the mood strikes

If I decide to bowl lather then I'll build lather first then apply pre-shave. It still takes me awhile to build good lather in a bowl.
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Pre Shave
1. Hot shower
2. Pre shave oil during shower

3. Face lather with brush soaked in hot water during shower
4. Warm water rinse between 3 passes
5. Cold water rinse then touch ups if needed

After Shave
6. Final cold water rinse
7. After shave splash or balm, depending
I fill the sink about halfway with warm water.
Splash water on my face while my brush is soaking. (no more than a minute)
Apply lather to my face.
Rinse face with cool water.
Dry face with a towel.
Apply aftershave splash.
I take a hot shower to help undo the stiffness. Followed by a facial wash then sometimes pre-shave oil. I bowl lather my soaps and creams. Follow-up with a cold water facial wash, after shave splash, then a balm.
I usualy shave in this order, depending on time, mood or laziness I mix it up a bit with a few different variations.


Soap brush
take shower


I either-
bowl cold lather
warm lather with scuttle
face lather

Post Shave

Rinse with warm water
rinse with cold water
depending on mood-
alum bloc
use a balm
aftershave splash
I sometimes use WH and/or Alum but I did not select them as they are not part of my simple everyday routine which is:

2-3 pass shave
(WH and/or Alum if needed)
FYI I always wash my face with a gentle cleansing face soap after my shower and before my shave. Unfortunately there wasn't a poll option for face washing, but I think it's an important step (at least for me). I also chose both witch hazel and after shave splash because some days I do one and some days I do the other (but I always do 1 of the 2).

- Badger Bill
- Wash face while taking warm/hot shower
- Once out of the shower, soak brush in coffee mug filled with warm water and fill sink ~halfway with hot water.
- Towel dry, then apply pre-shave oil.
- Brush teeth, comb hair, clean ears while PSO is absorbing and brush is soaking
- Lather/shave/touch-up
- Cold water rinse, pat dry
- Clean brush of excess lather
- Apply witch hazel
- Dry brush + sink with towel while WH dries.
- Apply aftershave splash and/or balm
I've really simplified my shave of late:

Wet brush and rub on face a bit to get wet
Do other stuff to let beard soak for a bit
Re-apply some more water
Rub shave stick on face
Lather up
3 pass shave
Rinse Razor and Brush
After Shave Splash
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