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What do you think of Private Reserve Inks?

I just bought 4 bottles of Private Reserve Ink. I was drawn to Private Reserve because of their large variety of colors. So what do you think? Have you used this brand before?
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I like them quite well. In fact I've got my pen filled with Ebony-Purple and find it a great ink with nice flow. ymmv, but they're definitely on my short list of favorite inks.
I used to use DC SuperShow Blue all the time, then I bought some tanzanite.

Then, damn it all, I fell deeply in love with Pelikan Royal Blue... which I can buy by the liter.

But back to the initial point, Private Reserve has a reputation for over-saturating their colors, which makes people consider diluting them with water to extend the life of the bottle. That might be just the thing to do if you LOVE a color and lack the resources to buy bottles too often.
Great and multiple colors! I use only Private Reserve ink. It helps that I know the developers and it's made locally...
Excellent juice. As an everyday ink, PR works better for me than Noodler's. My Pel 805 is filled with Cosmic Cobalt at present.
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