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What clay masks do you recommend/use?

Just have my Mountain Rose Herbs Rhassoul Clay mask drying on me - what a weird feeling. Hope it is as good as some people here say. I used their Helichrysum hydrosol with it.
There's a line and you guys crossed it! My wife would leave me if I was to wear a face mask

That's funny, mine really enjoys when she sees the "old man" takes care of himself. Today I had my first clay mask and I liked it, just need to get used to the drying clay (mud):eek:. After I was done, I whipped a clay mix up for SWMBO, and she enjoyed it, too. Now we are both good looking and feeling and going out tonight...

QED CLAY MASK OF COURSE....I'M A SPOKEPERSON FOR IT..... :001_tt1::001_tt1::001_tt1:
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I'm now very intrested in buying some of the QED french clay , I was wondering where can I buy this stuff If I live in canada ? I usualy buy from fendrihan but they don't have any of the stuff. Any links that sell to canadian residences would be great. Thanks guys !!

Click on the link under Other Products, you will find the French Clay there!

You can also email Charles of the products you wish to purchase, he will do the rest from there...
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