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What brush/s would be appropriate for Method Shaving

I have been wet shaving for a little over 2 months now and am truly disgusted that it took me 18 years to discover this method of shaving. My morning shave ritual has become more fun than should be allowed. I constantly feel my face throughout the day and around noon, I begin wishing that I could go home and shave again.

The intitial equipment that I purchased for the foray into wet shaving was all middle to bottom of the line equipment. At Christmas, I managed to update everything in my collection except for my shaving brush. To side step for a moment, I am planning on giving method shaving a try in the near future and was considering purchasing one of the shavemasters. Because of Joel's experience with the brush (and situations surrounding it), this is not an option that I am now eager to pursue. Ultimately, I am hoping to get a brush that will work well for method shaving, however, if method shaving doesn't work out for me, I would like for this brush to still be a good one for traditional wet shaving. I was wondering (from those who have some experience in all of this) if the Vulfix #40 or #41 would be a good fit for both systems or if I need to go off the deep end and get either the Vulfix #38 (monster) or one of the Simpson's brushes.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Good Shaving,
Hi Kyle -

I can make a Vulfix 41 work rather well. I have less success (but still workable) with my SMF/Shavemac brush.
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