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Just thought I would take a minute to share an experience with you all (brief version). On 6/2/06 I purchased a Edwin Jagger Medium Super brush off Robert and Charlotte who run the Gentlemans Shop.
After five months the hair started to fall out and I mean a lot.At this time I was on holiday, so I purchased a cheap brush and it was my intention to return it to be replaced when I got home.
Unfortunately on the way home the brush got lost or stolen at the airport ???? dont know which.I decided to e-mail the G Shop to tell them of my problem not expecting the brush to be replaced.
To my surprise they have offered to replace it.How is that for customer care, I still can't get over how great they have been.
Just thought I would share my experience and hope maybe it may bring them future business.

Regards Alan
Nice of you to post this. I would imagine it would bring them some additional business as word of mouth, or this case forum, is great adverstising.

Very decent of them.
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