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WET shaving question for Barbers

This is a question for the actual barbers out there, it's not meant to be hurtful, spiteful, or rude or tacky, I just noticed something I THINK might be a reason why the common non-everyday barber shave isn't that great anymore. The quick story first; went to get a shave again, 3rd time ever....see my post on my last two shaves for a quick recap and this time, with even a 3rd different barber, the shave again sucked. Nicks all over my chin though not as many as last time but still too many to be "professional" and of course this barber had been shaving for 35+ years.

Now, my question is based on something I noticed this time. When I shave and when you read alot of the discussions around here, we talk of lubrication with cream and water. Hince the term "wet shaving." Pre-shave oil not withstanding. Before I lather, I make sure my face is as wet as can be without dripping (sometimes drippage but eh...no biggie) and I can tell a BIG difference when my face is wet with cream versus when it's not. The "not" are not good shaves.

The question is; why don't barbers make sure your face is actually WET before they put cream on your face? I understand the point of the hot towel, softens the wiskers and face but, shave oil has only been used once in the 3 paid shaves I've had and that was the WORST of the 3. If lubrication is so important, why no water when you're paying for the shave? I think it'd be a really good idea for somebody to come up with a spray bottle that holds warm to hot water in it to apply just after the towel, right before the lather. That would be almost PERFECT man!
I wonder though, if someone is really good at wet-shaving himself, will a barber shave ever really measure up? I mean, most of us can achieve a BBS on our own, so a barber, who doesn't know our growth pattern or the tricks to get around our chins/lips, will likely achieve a worse shave--or so it seems to me. I was offered 20 bucks to shave someone the other day with my straight, but I passed because I wasn't sure I could do it all that well...
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