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welcome to the Sanitary Barber Shop....

Howdy folks.....I couldn't help myself being able to post first here...It like going back 30 years and shining shoes all over again. The haircuts, shaves and shoeshines are one thing, but the chat is another....why,...we here at the barber shop can talk about anything you want. Sports, women-yours, mine or someone else's, food, the saturday night dance, what the government is doing right or wrong...I am sure we can talk about anything, but be careful when the kids or the preacher comes in...hide the magazine in the back "styling room". :a38: I encourage each of you to come in a post frequently...you won't find this kind of stuff anywhere's else on the net !!!!

Be sure to a GENTLEMEN at all times. While discussions may become spirited, all posts must within tasteful guidelines. We welcome the ladies and the children in here, so watch your tongue or I will have to coat it with some shoe polish....:em3000:

Please make sure that you have a good pair of shoes on so I can put a shine on them for only 25 cents...tips excepted....

The barbers and I are looking forward talking with you..and talking and talking...

Best Regards,

mark the shoeshine boy

:confused: Joel is wondering what in the heck is he doing ??? This boy must be on drugs or just a friendly southern lovable shoeshine boy.
As the previous post on a similar subject is closed may I just add that in any decent Gentlemans club politics are never discussed - it is simply not done.
Therefore, anyone who has to be told this............

Cordially, AvT.
Couldnt help but laugh at the 25 cent shoe shine you wrote about.

I shined shoes too,but it was after WWII. As a twelve year old I got 10 cents and a tip sometimes.On a good day I could clear 4 or 5 dollars with tips.No barber shop though, just the local mens bars and the soda parlors.I remember my seven uncles coming home from the war with their mustering out pay.If a couple of them were inside drinking when I went in Kiken's Sallon to shine shoes,they made everybody get a shine from me.

Our local barbershop was headquarters after closing hours for the Frank Sinatra fan club and my cousin Anita was the national president.The shop still had the old shaving mugs on the shelf on the wall but not too many people still got razor shaved. Most had moved on to the DE and those mugs sat there year after year.

thanks for neat story....i love meetingold shoe shine boys....if you can get a picture of those shaving mugs, I would love to see them....

btw I still maintain my shoes on a daily basis....!!!
I still have my old box in the closet and i use it for the family shoes all the time.Trick is to get and keep the best brushes, polishes, rags and daubers.

As a shoeshine boy I always carried lacquer sole & heel edge dressing in my box. If a guy was with a girl while he had me shining his shoes, I figured he wanted to impress her so, while I was popping and snapping the rag on the final touch up, I would ask the girl: "Dontcha think he'd look sharp as a tack with color around the edges of his shoes? For only a dime more? Three out of four guys sprung for the extra with a smile when there was a girl on his arm.

Still have it in my box and do my shoes with it.Every time!
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keeping the brushes is so true...I had a set of very good brushes at the barber shop, but my dad had the best one I ever seen hat he bought in the late fifties while in the military....he finally found another one close but not quite like years a few years ago. That was a present to me.

As yo can tell I have a one leg stand that I use on stage and it really contains my kit.

sometimes my jokes are as old as the can of shinola in the box.
Um, I think "gentlemen's club" may have a differenct meaning in the U.S. than it does in the U.K. Nonetheless, I would venture to guess that politics are rarely discussed in U.S. gentlemen's clubs, as well. :w00t:

You would be correct, but there is certainly tipping going on in them.
Brings back some memories. Seeing that the last post was in 2009 am I allowed to post in here? Anyhow, I was in the service doing a tour in Korea in 02 and remember on my Mondays would get a shoe shine from a local barber son. His fingers were black as he applied the shoe Polish and water while alternating between brush and rag. Ten minutes I had a top flight shine. Sometimes I'd drop off the extra pair I had much like dry cleaning and pick them up later. So a tip to those who kept us military folks sharp. Then there's that Johnny Cash song shoe shine...
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