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Weird thing with TGN UK Super

Those who follow my ramblings will know that I haven't been that impressed with my TGN UK Super 20mm knot.

I've been shaving with it the last few mornings and it's almost similar in scritchiness and firmness of a boar brush :blink:

Well tonight as I walked past my stand I picked up the brush, it's still a bit wet , felt the hair and.....it's soft and luxurious. Tried it on the face and yep, it's feeling just like I'd expect it to feel.

What's going on here ???

Is it possible to:
1. Oversoak a badger knot ?
2. Undersoak a badger knot ?
3. I use off the boil water from my kettle. Is it possible the waters too hot and effecting it ?

Any thoughts anyone ???
I have a Simpson Tulip "T2" two-band, and I have to make sure it's good and soaked right now, else it's a bit unfriendly. I've only done the Ambrose break-in once, but if I let it get good and soaked, it's a very nice brush. For me, that means starting it before the shower.

I haven't yet seen the cause for upgrading to the UK knots; my Grade A's have been outstanding.
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