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We all sometimes need a reminder why various sizes exists.

Many a time we all list and detail our preferred brush sizes. Some like small ones, others much larger ones, some in the middle and some just want to have a nice spectrum of them.

I do tend to see those in the smaller club that hold a curiosity as to why there are some that like bigger brushes or the trend towards it.

It bears similarity as to why we now see a wider range of sizes in clothing. Simply our mugs are beautifully diverse in shape and size.

In that case, why are the brushes of old kept to smaller sizes? Well, economies of scale is a key part of it. However, the human population have also physically grown in the past 100 years. The bell curve has shifted.

I hope people new to the hobby understand that you should first purchase a brush that fits your face. From there, you can go wild in experimenting with the other sizes, shapes, etc and finding which makes you happy the most. I sure wished I knew this when I started.

I shall end here.

Happy shaves to everyone from me and my friends.

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