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Warped scales fixit?

I have some beautiful swirled pattern scales on a Birko Best I bought from a member here. I think they may be celluloid or plastic. Is there a way to heat them gently or form them back into shape somehow?
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Bring water to a near boil and remove from heat. Use something to grasp the scales and dip into the water for a few seconds and shape with a towel to protect your hands. I keep the razor in the scales to use as a mold and shape help shape the scales.

A real easy fix.
If there is quite a bit of fixing to do, don't be afraid to do it over a few sessions, little bits at a time. If you move too drastically at once, they could break.
I did this tonight on an eBay purchase. The scales were warped so badly the end of the razor near the wedge would only go in if I actually bent the scales straight with one hand, and closed the blade with the other. The scales were "this close" to making a full smile shape when held horizontally. It is amazing how much better they are now; and I bet with one or two more tries they will be near-perfect. Thanks!

(The seller gave me a partial refund after just one email about the scales.)

Auburn, CA
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