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wantabe questions

Trying to get off cigg and pipes at 65, been smoking all my life . What to get to go to vapor e cigg ?? Don't want flavors except tobacco ( pipes and cigg.) thanks in advance.


Moderator Emeritus
I get my on-line stuff from My Vapor Store - http://www.myvaporstore.com/

I started with a JoyTech Ego One system, latest version is here http://www.myvaporstore.com/Joye-eGo-ONE-VT-Variable-Temperature-Starter-Kit-p/joye-eovt.htm

Nothing fancy, just a simple, reliable starter set. Once you master it, then there are lots of options depending on what you find yourself wanting.

I get my juice from a local store that makes it up on demand.

Stay away from the e-cigs at the gas station, get a real setup, get your juice locally where you can taste and ask questions.

Prof. Moriarty

I'd recommend going to a local vape shop, you will be able to sample liquids and hopefully pick up some decent kit.
I would recommend a Aspire Triton Mini with an EVIC VTC-Mini, really nice bit of kit
There's a lot of customization options, so this is a hard question to answer. I don't really care for the vape shops locally, so I just buy all my stuff online.

I did a lot of research before buying, but settled on a regulated box mod, a Kanger subtank mini atomizer, organic cotton, kanthal wire, and supplies to mix my own liquids.

Don't get liquid that's too strong. I think 12 mg / ml should be a good starting point.

As for flavors, I don't really care for them too much. Never tried the tobacco ones, but I think many are floral. I usually mix without flavoring, or add a couple drops to small batches.

Best of luck. Let us know if you have extra questions.
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