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Use Knot Without Handle?

While I am waiting for the handle for my DIY brush, is there any reason why I should not use the knot without a handle? Just hold it between my thumb and fingers, and go to town?


Never tried it. I think that it would be hard to hold. If you want to try it give it a go and then report back to us on your findings.


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I did it once when a knot dropped out of a handle while soapy and wet. :cursing: I was in a hurry and went ahead with the shave -- not too practical but it worked.

You have no other brushes??


TBH I would wait for the handle to arrive, 1 the knot will be very floppy without the handle, 2 if you get a layer of soap scum on the base of the knot then you're going to struggle in gluing it in.

That's just my 2 cents worth but the choice is yours, Sir!!! If you go ahead please report back and let us all know how it went.