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Upgrade from Dovo suggestions needed...

I bought a Dovo, silver tip I believe, from Classic Shaving about 7 years ago. Paid around $100 I think. Although it seems to be in good shape, I think the bristles have sen better days.

I am looking to treat myself to something similar. I do not mind paying around $100 or more if it is a good quality brush that will last a long time, and enhances the shave experience with soaps and creams...

Let me know some suggestions..thanks in advance....
I would restore it if it is getting tired. Why buy new when you can put an old friend back in service easily?
Buy a new knot from Golden Nib for around $20. Remove old knot, glue in new one....done.

There a loads of threads here about restoring brushes. Each handle presents some unique approaches, but if you post pictures of this Dovo there are several members here who will be happy to offer up suggestions.

Really a brush ought never be disposed of...just renovated.

You may actually get a far superior brush out of it too.

Here is a link to my most recent restore work using minimal tools....Fidjit another very active restorer also has his minimal tool set in this thread...check it out and ask questions if you want to try this avenue for this old brush handle.

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Thanks for the info..I wasn't going to throw it out anyway...just keep it as a backup for travel etc...

If I did not restore the Dovo...what other current models out there would anyone recommend?
There are several options in the $100 range. Check out some of the Rooney Super brushes here. I would suggest a 3/1 or 1/2 but you can check out the specs on each to see what you might prefer. I would also recommend checking out Savile Row brushes here. There are many options and so these are just a couple of suggestions. Keep an eye out on the B/S/T as there are usually good deals to be had.
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