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Update 5

Rudy Vey

Shaving baby skin and turkey necks
So with my wife home from the hospital since Monday - one day after hip fracture repair surgery - we have settled in and I was getting a bit antsy to try if I can get back in the shop. My surgery is exactly 2 months ago and I had now about five weeks of PT, so I was feeling quite capable to do something.
Still I am on a limited use of the left hand with a weight lifting limit of 10 lbs......
Finally, I made the first handle since November. True, some of the typical uses of my hand were a bit tough, but I fought through. Oh, that felt so good!!!

This said, I will be able to catch up with orders from this weekend on. Also, new orders will be taken. However, my typical fast turnaround may take a little bit longer than in the past.

Here she is: Oumo Sparrow knot in a RV Shaving handle (30 mm at exit with a loft of 52 mm - recommended, but higher is not possible due to the short knot)

Oumo Sparrow.jpg
Congratulations Rudy! Glad to her she made it home and the procedure was successful.

And that's a fantastic handle right out of the gate, you're killing it! I hope the surgery is providing the relief you were hoping for.

Great news!
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