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Unicorn Rocket

Can you spot it?
Picture from the internet.




Hmmm, looks like a standard Parat to me, Adam?! Except perhaps the handle is longer?!

I sold almost all my Rockets though so maybe my memory plays tricks on me...
I thought rockets were English but those square end caps look like US ones to me. The English end caps are more pointed. I could be way way out here 😁
Can you spot it?
Picture from the internet.

You'd have to be able to see the stampings to be sure end caps could be wrong is all.

With that said there are some US made versions of this razor but with the English style end caps.
This one is from a No 51 set.
1950 (V3 on blade) US Rocket Set No 51 from Keith Anthony.jpg
It's a Parat/Rocket handle with a thin Superspeed (crimped end connector, no II stamp) head. Shouldn't exist.