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Uncommon Gillette New type?

How uncommon is the Gillette new with a slim bar handle? Was bidding on one and was outbid by a sniper. No chance to up my bid, nothing... feeling little bummed out, I like the new, I have one with the fat bar handle in gold wash finish with 80% of the finish gone. It isn't pretty but I enjoy using it. I liked the looks of the nickel finish of the new, especially liked the slim bar handle. I'm starting to looking into the idea of having the razor I have replated.

Have to keep watching, it's depressing that I am surrounded by "antique" stores that are mostly yard sale left overs. My only source for anything that's not beyond hope of restoration is here and eBay.
It's not common, but it's not crazy rare. They do come up on eBay every now and again, and I've seen them out in the wild a few times.

Don't lose hope. Some of my better finds have been in the more thrift store/swap meet kinds of places. Anywhere that's "fancy antiques" is usually pretty bad pickings for razors.
Just finished polishing the Gillette new I have again, trying to remove the last little bit of the gold wash since most was gone when I got it. I like the looks of polished brass anyways.
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Since I'm a nickel fan I managed to snag two of the NEW Nickel Thin Common Bar Handle razors. While they are less common than the gold NEW they do pop up every now and then so I'm sure you'll find one.

The Improved had a milled base plate. All Gillettes did until the advent of the stamped base plate Tech in 1938.

Very happy tonight. Scored a Gillette think handle new tonight off the bay. I spent more than I wanted too but I was determined to get it while I had a chance. Listing seems misleading though, listing was for a new improved, but doesn't the improved have a milled base plate?

You should be really happy with that. Great shaver. If you do decide to get your gold NEW replated, or if you want to make the your newest one shine like new again, shoot me a PM. It's more reasonable than you think.
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