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Two new old razors. Both need work

I picked up two razors at the local antique store.
I paid a bit mre than I wanted, but I couldn't leave without them.

The bottom one in the photo is a Wade and Butcher thst some one was unkind to. It looks like it might have been rusty and someone cleaned it with a dremel. I'd like to sand it and polish it. It also has a bit of bug damage in one scale.

The other one is a catatauga cutlery razor. It has some scratches where light rust was probably removed, but these should polish out. It does look like someone honed it heavy at the tip though.

I gave 26 bucks for both with the boxes. The black box is a wade and butcher box.

I'm thinking about sanding the ugly out of the Wade and Butcher, but before I begin is there any sugestions? The scratches are deep so I'm thinking about starting with 220. I might try 400 grit paper first, but I don't think that is going to do it.

How should I go about the Catatauga razor. Should I just hone heavy towards the back each time I hone it until it comes straight, or should I hone it straight all at once, and get it over with?$20131231_174719_zps47ee20ef.jpg
You did good for $26. Both razors look to me like they'll clean up nice. These pics don't show any crazy hone wear. I'd unpin them, get to cleaning them in and out, repin and hone.
I didn't find Catatauga - is it possibly Cattaraugus Cutlery Co?
Yup, cataraugus. I have no memory for names.
The wade and butcher doesn't look bad in the pic, but up close it looks like someone ran it over a grinder. Probably wont affect the shave, but it looks bad. It also looks to be thinner at the tip than at the back. My other wade and butcher is the same thickness for the whole blade.
Cattaraugus is good American steel and WB is good British steel. Nice combo!
Maybe start a cleanup with 1000 grit and see what that gets you, going down in grit if you have to. I like using WD40 or Ballistol while sanding.
You'd know better having both of them in your hands but I don't see any major honing challenges.
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