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Twin face off! Wilkinson Sword Royale vs Schick Ulta plus X vs Kai Besty Ex

After learning of the $12 for 100 Personna Atra carts, I had to pick em up. However, I had no Atra handle. The easiest and cheapest thing to pick up was the India Gillette Vector, but that turned out to not be that compatible with the cart. The Trac II tabs prevented a full range of motion. This led me to the Schick Ultra plus X which is very compatible with the Personna carts. There is a full range of motion and the unique handle is very fun to shave with.

However, this search also led me to finding an unknown Atra-esque handle locally. This turned out to be a a Wilkinson Sword Royale- a long, all metal handle. Also included were some WS Royale carts. Seen in the dark tray. Not goo strip and a slight amount of patina on the blades.

The shave this morning was the:
1. Ultra handle with a used and abuse vector cart (too used and abused it turned out, had to toss it)
2. WS Royale with Royale cart- really, really nice. The metal handle is solid and the mechanism is quite strong. The extra length was also useful for leverage. This was the first time I have shaved with a twin with no goo strip. It felt very robust.
3. Kai Besty EX- still excellent, but felt too light after the Royale.

The Vector was not used as I find it to be too light. I will load the Ultra tomorrow with the Schick Ultra plus X cart (seen in clear tray) and give it a go tomorrow. The handle is perfect for the $12 for 100 Personna carts. The Royale is not that compatible with the Personnas. There is a hitch in the middle of the movement. Maybe a claw is square when the Personna expects it to be round? Something like that.

There are more Royale carts and both silver and gold handles over here. I may pick up a few more. I bought the Personna carts as they are stupid cheap. I did not expect to fall down an Atra hole!!!


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Instead of a Kai Besty today, I used a (new to me) Kai K-3 razor yesterday. It is actually an Atra compatible cart so it can fit in this grouping. Three blades, maybe titanium, with wire safety guards and slick sticker. An interesting thing is that the Japanese crammed three blades in the same space as the Atra two. The back of the cart is somewhat open, so I am not sure if there will clogging issues.

So the shave yesterday was:

1. Wilkinson Sword Royale with Royale cart (2)- Still excellent robust experience
2. Schick Ultra plus X (What is the X?)
3. Kai K-3 on Lynx handle (2)- The handles were OEMed for Lynx in late 2000. The carts seem to be for the ladies. The combo shaves really well. I do not know if the blade wires made a difference or not. Maybe they cause irritation? Maybe they make things safer? I don't know. Also, these blades may be titanium coated. The Kai K3D is titanium coated, but that may be newer product. Also, I got the Lynx handle and 30 Made in Japan K-3 carts for $5. I bought two sets. Lol

They all shaved pretty well. Was one better? I can't say. Three razors is a bit imprecise. A head to head face off will be more informative. All I know, is that all of them give a great shave.


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