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TTO extravaganza!

I will post pictures later, but for now just feel my excitement. Last night I got a special delivery from USPS (I didn't even know they did that...) and inside this box was a bunch of stuff my dad happens to have two of, because he is insane. Basically, in response to my innocent remark that I love my '53 Super Speed and really like the look of TTOs, he sent me A British Aristocrat Jr., a USA Aristocrat, A Ranger Tech, a basic 40's-style Super Speed, and a black-tip aluminum-handle Super Speed (along with some other goodies). I henceforth will use a different TTO for the next two weeks, on a rotation so that I try each one twice, and declare my faces favorite TTO (of the ones I have). Huzzah!

Today I used the Aristocrat Jr., and LOVED it. I don't know if BBS is possible for me, but this is the closest I have ever come.
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