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Trumpers Violet - Discussion thread for review

Wow Scotto, not often one hears a dissenting voice regarding this cream.

For me, it shaves wonderfully. I agree that the scent can often be too sweet. I think people often think of this as Trumper's Lavender offering, but it is definitely not a Lavender scent. Very sugary, maybe like a sugar-laden Grape candy I suppose. Sometimes this is a big turn-off for me, other times it is great.
I enjoy shaving with this cream, the scent of violets reminds me of Parma Violets, a stick sweet from my youth. I've never found it drying and always get a good shave from it. Trumper Violets is the one I use when I'm going out in the evening.
Jonnybc said:
Trumper Violets is the one I use when I'm going out in the evening.

Hmm. . ."going out in the evening". . .I seem to remember this as something my wife and I did before we had children. Doesn't it involve eating a meal prepared by others, on real plates, and seeing a moving picture?:001_rolle
Indeed it does, The best bit is the not clearing/washing up!

You get it all back again when the kids are grown up.
This was the second cream that I purchased, and honestly I am not impressed. Sure, the scent is very nice but I cannot get a good lather, no matter what I do. I started out with e-shave white tea, and due to hard water problems I was really unsatisfied with it, so I bought Trumpers Violet and it performed better with my local water. Then I read a post about the correlation between water quality and lather and invested in an RO filter. The e-shave cream was transformed but it made no difference to the violet. I can get a thin lather, enough for two medicore passes, but that's it. Like I said it smells nice, and I am sure that many people will love it, but for me this pales next to Harris almond and even the e-shave white tea (even though it burns my face like battery acid.)
Warm regards,
I like Trumpers Violet - once you get the proper lather, it's a great shave. This works especially well in the Moss Scuttle.

The Violet was the first English cream I bought and remains my goto cream. Thick, rich, lather, and the smell is amazing. In my warmed up scuttle it fills the bathroom with it's scent.
I tried the Violet a while back..at best to me, it was noteworthy. I'll probably order a tub of it at some point in time, because the scent is unique. However, I think the Coconut Oil cream blows Violet out of the water in every possible category. just my two cents
If either of you who don't like Violet want someone to take it off your hands let me know (for a trade). I only have a few samples, it is my favorite scent by far, and I find the lather just as good as Rose's.

By the way, Scotto. What do you think of Rose? I'm wondering if you just dislike Violet or both of GFT's florals.
It is the Violet that is the problem. The rose is nice enough, but there are better rose creams out there.
That being said, I cracked open my last Violet sample vial, which I think has gone bad. Was hard and waxy, and the scent was wayyyy off. Not sweet at all. Anyone got an idea on the shelf life of this stuff?
My experience with the Trumpers samples is that they are almost always dried out and not representative of real tubs. Not sure what the lifetime is on them, though.
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