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Truefitt & Hill is now available at ShopLondons.com !

Attention K-Mart shoppers.... (sorry guys, I just couldn't resist)

I visited the Londons store on Friday and was surprized to see that almost every Truefitt & Hill product is now on the shelf. I just checked their website, but it is not yet listed.

I tried a sample of their a/s Ultimate Balm and it worked well for me.

Yes, I know that Londons is a little bit higher on some things, but it's a great place to go and actually sample such a wide range of products. As it is now, in addition to the three T's, they stock many other items such as Floris, Penhalligons, C&E and other brands that I have not gotten around to even looking at yet. Without exaggeration, I daresay that there is at least several hundred scents in this store. Talk about sensory overload! Even my paper spreadsheet couldn't stand up to the task at hand.

Give them a call to inquire about them. Ask for Judi, Kephany or Mitch. They are exceedingly friendly and helpful.

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