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Truefitt & Hill -- Any users?

I have recently purchased a sample kit from T&H must say I am well impressed.
My favourites are 1805, West Indian Limes and Spanish Leather.
I'll be popping down to their St. James shop to buy at least cream,ASB and cologne of one of these. Which one though mmmmm ?
I've actually not touched them since receiving them. They're still in the box they came on. Tried selling them at a discount but no interest so they'll be gathering dust lol.
I wonder why they eschew amazon. Looking for as splashes on their site is difficult. Seems not in stock in anything other than lime


Yes, I have the Sandalwood.
I enjoy it, it is a long lasting fragrance. Strong at first, but hen it mellows into a nice long lasting scent.
T&H performance is nice but I'm just not impressed with their scents. I am enjoying Cyril Salter (esp. Wild Rose), TOBS Jermyn St. and just discovered Musgo Real shaving cream. Amazing protection and dense, creamy lather and their scents are great.