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TrueFitt & Hill Almond Shaving Cream-anybody tried this?

Good cream, marascino chery scent. The Taylors gives a better shave, though. There should be lots of detail on the Taylor in the review section.
i'm just trying to get some feedback as i'm thinking of ordering that gift set u pointed out to me

if the shave cream is almost as decent as poraso or c&e almond then i might buy it

otherwise i'll purchase the items seperately
IMO, I couldn't smell the almond at all, but the cream was fine. I really did not like the scent of the T&H Classic ASB. It smelt like dirt to me. However, the brush that comes in the gift set is well worth the money and has become my travel brush. If you are getting the set at Ashord.com, then it is worth the money. If not, I wouldn't bother.
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