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Traveling with a brush?

Anyone have ideas about traveling with a shaving brush? I can't imagine tossing a wet brush into my shaving kit before heading to the airport. A plastic bag seems like a bad idea, but what works for you?
Try any of the various turn-back models. I have a T&H Super (made by Vulfix I believe) and love it. It will never replace my Chubby 2 at home, but it's great on the road.

Here are some of my travel solutions.
Turnback brush
Various travel tubes ( vented )
One of my coolest finds, those cool interlocking clear large sample size containers. I can carry a ASB and a couple of creams in one small package.
If you want to use the brush you already have. Someone here posted a while back to try using a toilet paper tube. I cut it open and used packaging tape to reinforce it. It works well. Being open on the ends helps the brush dry. You can use a blow dryer to help dry the brush if you're in a hurry.

When I get my SR-204 (CAN'T WAIT) I plan to make a nicer looking one out of white poster board and clear packing tape. I'll try to post pics when I do.
I have a CM brush of pure badger. For $29 it does the job. If you use soap it works great, for cream I don't know as I haven't used it with a cream yet, but I will try it out now.
I use a 15 euro Wilkinson badger brush (the Plissons stay at home:biggrin: ). I just shake it dry and throw it in my kit. It's not expensive, gets the job done and is easily replacable.
Just got back from my 1st trip after my assimilation.....

Alls I did was:
Roll the sucker (C&E BB) up in a wash cloth and put her in a Ziploc baggie.

No damage at all. Good to go.
Use the $8.00 Omega Syntex brush.
Its nylon tufts dry very quickly; it is almost indestructible and lathers beautifully.
IMHO it makes the ideal travel brush.
A pill box makes a handy container, you can drill a few holes in the bottom of the box, where the base of the brush will rest, to help shorten the drying time, but with the Syntex it is not necessary: it dries quickly and nylon is impervious to water damage anyway!
The Simpson's Major turnback is a work of art and is a truly remarkable brush.... compact, well protected, but still producing copious amounts of lather in hand, bowl and upon the face.

It's not cheap, but like all things well made, it's worth the price and will easily last a lifetime and more.

Don't forget the QED Saville Row SR100 - a great little travel brush in a vented case for only $28.

Works great with creams and soaps - the QED shave sticks are the perfect partner for shaving on the road.
Keep an eye out for various "disposable tubes." I found one that would fit my Chubby 3 at Target. It was holding some hair tie's but I gave my wife the hair tie and kept the tube for my brush. Cost me a whopping $1!
Barclay crocker has a travel brush that fits inside its own handle (the brush screws onto the top). It's pretty light but does the job for a good price.

Travel Brush.

They have a badger and a boar one. I have the boar one and it's a bit stiff.
I travel with a $4 Surrey Brush, I honestly don't mind the brush. Also I can bag it if I'm in a hurry and I don't worry about it. Also if you accidently leave it behind, very easily replaceable.
You might look at my post from yesterday a few below yours for a suggestion. The set up seems to work quite well.
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