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Top 5 recommendations for soap beginners

In talking with some forum members the beginning dilemma appears to be finding soaps. There is always the prescription, the cure and the irritation (irritation is yourself). Find your own brands or make your own.

Beef tallow is stable, formulas have existed for hundreds of years. Probably what your grand pappy used.
Sheep mutton tallow. I think Stirling has unscented and Sheep is what they call it.
Glycerin soap might be a great option to put into a bowl.
Vegan soaps. Try Sunflower oil. A lot of older soaps are being re-formulated to vegan.
Minimal ingredient soaps. Try a soap with only 3 ingredients.

If you find yourself bored look into raw ingredients and make your own saponification process at different temperatures. And see what it is you like. Olive oil, palm kernel oil. Kokum oil. Muramaru butter. Coconut oil. Pork fat. Beef fat.

Scents are for another day.

There is also shave cream. It is not soap, so I do not really have an answer for you. Saville Row might be able to help you.
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