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Took A Little Side Trip in NY

I've been in New York for the past couple of days with a group of students. We were over on the south side of Central Park and I was able to make a little side trip over to Pasteur Pharmacy. I have seen many references to this place here at the B&B so I though I would check it out.

A friend was also with me and we've been talking about wet shaving for a couple of weeks so he decided to take the plunge. A trip to Pasteur's and a new convert all at the same time!! good day eh?

Here is a pic of me in front of the store.
Not to hijack, but is there a wiki or something of all these kind of places for NYC? I would walk right by that place and not think a thing of it.
Great photo of the store, except that homeless bag person photobombed you picture. :lol:
Good one!!
That's a good one. Always one in any crowd; or at least one. What I want to know is, what's in the bag?
Not a whole lot. A little Cella and a bowl of Tabac.

Dang...he does kinda look like me, doesn't he? :blink:
But not nearly as knowledgable. Pleased to make your acquaintance here at the B&B!!
Would love to go there. I wonder what people think when they see someone posing for a picture in front of a pharmacy?!:w00t:
Taking the train in to NYC this saturday with the purpose of going to Pasteur's. I told the wife it was for a pre anniversary dinner.
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