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    Hey all,

    I've recently purchased my shaving cream in a bowl (150 gr.) from the world known, famous maker "Taylor of Old Bond street" - "Cedarwood" and writing to share my experience and opinion about the mentioned product.
    - First of all the package and/or the bowl is very nicely made and performed in an ivory color plastic box. Very nice to grab and hold, it is wide-open which is good when placing shaving brush inside and lathering if you need. This is a plus!
    - Second is my general impression about the consistency and performance of the cream. Rate it as moderate. This a very soft, shaving cream just like the one you squeeze out from the tube of shaving cream, which is easy to lather straight on the face BUT there is no NO FOAM BUILD UP AT ALL This is a big fat minus AND SLICKNESS very moderate - another FAT minus!
    With a good shaving technique and experience high risk of nicks/cuts is likely possible. Very unsatisfied with this issue!
    - Post shave feel in general is good, but I still have a feeling that something is missing, like when you expect more but you get less. I consider This is a minus as well!
    Lastly, the aroma(scent) is very mild, smells with notes of citruses, grapefruit...
    I prefer stronger scents considering that it is winter now and felt no cedar wood at all.
    Conclusion: Before that product, I used Razorock (Dead Sea) and WSP Formula T (Gaelic Tweed) and I am very dissatisfied with TOBS and opportunities it gives at similar price.
  1. I appreciate the review. I'm surprised that you really didn't like the shave cream. I have enjoyed a few TOBS shave creams and always had a thick, creamy lather. Perhaps you needed more water. I found it is easy to use too much cream, as it is rather soft, as you mentioned.

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  2. I've used TOBS Cedarwood. I like it. I agree that it is milder than I would prefer. Regarding your lathering issue, I agree with the post above. You may need more water.
  3. All of my TOBS creams lather very well. I recommend the Aloe if you haven't tried it. A clean but not strong scent, leaves my skin feeling great.
  4. Maybe I judge with prejudice because of the comparison I make between WSP Formula T (Gaelic Tweed) and Razorock DEAD SEA shaving soaps that used recently. I really love the actual performance i.e. density, thickness and slickness I got vs TOBS Cedarwood. Big difference!
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    I have not tried TOBS yet, thanks for your thoughts on the cream. Maybe a couple of practice lathers might help in getting the lather consistency that you are looking for.
  6. Thank you for the review.

    I have recently tried TOBS Eton College 10 ml sample.

    The lathering ease and consistency was ok; water is a variable we can experiment and adjust to test the results.

    But I fully agree with you on the slickness of TOBS cream (based on the sample I tried). It was just not enough, after having compared to my other cheaper shaving creams like LEA Professional.
  7. Nah, This is the case when you just can't push out more than it gives and can't push the limits, lather technique will not help
  8. Thanks for commenting. You're right, the slickness of TOBS Cedarwood is dissapointing.
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    I use TOBS Avocado and Eton College creams. They were from a few years ago (2014/2015), but both are great creams. They lather very well, and produce very good lather.
    As always with these products YMMV.
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    I've used Taylor's Cedarwood, which was good, perhaps not stellar.
    Performance-wise, no problem whatsoever! Similar good shave to other TOBS creams.
    Scent-wise, perhaps a little weak, especially in comparison to Pen's Opus 1970 or (as a soap) PdP's #63.
    Just my 2c!

  11. TOBS is a good performing soap and cream for me, it's something I could use daily without complaint. YMMV, holds true in shaving.
  12. I've had no qualms with the performance of TOBS.

    As always, I am admiring your stellar photography work.
  13. While their scents are pleasant, some like Sandalwood is not to my liking though, I'd say that the performance of their creams is mediocre. I haven't tried their soaps, but from what I read I'm not going to give them a try anytime soon.
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  15. sarimento1

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    Sir Nick, just curious, what is your top cream performer??
  16. My friend I don't use creams very often, but I would say that Speick Men and CF Lavender are the top performing creams I've tried.
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    and what is your best performing soap?
  18. Pannacrema Nuavia
    I Coloniali
    Savon de Volcans

    My top 3!
  19. sarimento1

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    your choices are unique!!

    all solid soaps, imho!

    yet there are so, so many others that deserve your attention!!

    just imho!!

    enjoy your explorations, my friend!

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