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FS Vintage Gillettes

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1. Ball End Tech 1958 D-1 in original box, near mint. $20.
2. Replate candidates: 1947 US Aristocrat Junior I-1 Flare Tip with some corrosion. $15 for both
3. 1948-1949 Super Speed, good condition with minor plate loss under head. $10.
4. 1937 Sheraton, very good condition, straight teeth, opens and closes smoothly. $50.
5. 1940 Milord, good condition, opens well but a little difficulty at the end but no lazy doors. $40.
6. 1947 US Aristocrat Junior (Milord), very good condition, some loss of gold on doors, end caps and bar. $35.
7. 1941 Aristocrat, cased with blade bank, needs replating, opens and closes well, some abrasion on doors, rough case. $45.
8. 1948-1949 Super Speed, very good condition, no plate loss, opens and closes well, minor water spots on doors. $15
9. Slim, K-2 1965, very good cosmetically and functionally, minor water spotting on doors. $35.
10. Fat handle Tech, rectangular slots, shine her up. $10.
11. Tech with cap embossed Gillette without any arrows, plate Made In England, good condition. $10.
12. Rocket HD mid-1950’s, minor plate loss under head and safety bars, opens and closes “like buttah” with amazing looking handle. $50.
13. Rocket HD mid-1950s, great condition overall but one door is slightly lazy (request pic), opens like a typical Brit but not as smooth as #12. $40.
14. 1951 W-1 Aristocrat, nice looking with gold worn on the doors, safety bars, minor dings on one end cap (request pic), great replays candidate, box doesn’t snap. $40.
15. Shick twin blade injector in metal tube, sealed. $10.
Free partial tube of Cremo free to any razor buyer who asks for it. My skin doesn’t like it or vice versa.
Add $6.00 for shipping
PayPal goods and services please
Pictures of any item will be sent on request
Number 1 & 4 are sold.

Remaining: 2, 5, (1940 Milord) 6, (1947 Aristocrat Jr.), 8, 9, (K-2 Slim), 12, 13, (English Rocket HDs) 14, (W-1 Aristocrat.
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