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Three shaving related things I am thankful for

1. My skin is not sensitive to anything it seems
2. I'm ambidextrous. I shave the left side of my face with my left hand, and the right side with my right hand.
3. I found this forum and the wonderful people who populate it.

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  1. Having been exposed to wet-shaving and double edged razors...finally.
  2. Being part o this community at a time when there are all sorts of hardware and software, both vintage and modern, to play with.
  3. The ease (internet and otherwise) and relatively low cost of the hardware and software.
1. My skin might be sensitive to a lot of things, but it's not sensitive to almond scent. I've heard a lot of people are, and given my love of Italian croaps, an almond-scent allergy would be awful.

2. I found B&B and wetshaving, so shaving doesn't hurt anymore. (And in fact is fun!)

3. That wetshaving has helped me take pride in my appearance in general...when I'm serious about shaving, I also tend to dress better and take better care of myself.
1) shaving my head
2) this enabling, eye opening forum filled w good info
3) multitude of internet shops all with good people and excellent service
I'm super grateful for:

1. DE blades being so cheap and readily available
2. Tabac shave sticks being so inexpensive and performing so well
3. The great community of wet-shavers gathered here on B&B who share their invaluable information with whomsoever chooses to find them and listen wisely
1. This website (encyclopedia of tips/tricks/advice, network of hand making artists)

2. The shaving ritual becoming meditating (increased self esteem, patience)

3. World of soaps/aftershaves

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1. Making a mandatory chore enjoyable. That's turning the tables on convention!

2. Scent "colors the day," as Turn/Sanchez said. Soaps and aftershave make the morning memorable.

3. OP's right about the forum. I've had 10K posts in other forums, but this one's vibe resonates. Something for everybody, and everybody shaves!

1) The fine folks on this forum
2) Discovering better shave gear than I had been using prior to finding B & B (Is that a blessing or a curse? LOL!)
3) Learning how to care for my skin, & enjoying having better skin.
1) You guys who (unwittingly at first when I was just lurking) helped me make shaving suck much less. I still don't enjoy it, but it's gone from doing taxes to doing dishes.

2) Old razors. I really get a great satisfaction from taking old unloved objects and fixing, polishing up, and low level restoring them to working order if not their full glory. Old pocket knives, fishing lures, tools, some furniture. I find it fascinating that I can take something my grandfather (could have) used and use it myself.

3) Bay Rum aftershaves. I just got Captains Choice Cat o' Nine Tails. Very refreshing.

Extremely close would be Mrs. Rookie who puts up with a shelf in the closet full of shaving paraphernalia and doesn't secretly add up market value of that shelf.
What a wonderful thread ! You guys are the best !
And during these weird days of world wide panic, I'm enjoying
my sublime evening shaves more than ever. My prayers and sincere
hopes that all of you and your loved ones are safe, healthy, and happy !

And my three things, ..... peace, love, and understanding !
And for shaving ...... smoothness, serenity, and sublime shaves !


  1. Straights
  2. Soaps
  3. Brushes
All of the above enable all of the below.
  1. Quality Personal time (Ritualized "Me Time")
  2. Sense of satisfaction (restorations, BBS)
  3. Unique shared interests (connection and community)
This forum.

Shave guru buddy that’s been doing this for 20+ years and has tried literally everything, knows what I like and gives me advice so I don’t waste $.

Sheer multitude of affordable razors, great scents on the soaps and aftershaves, and the brushes I’ve managed to amass are all just insanely cool.
1) Rediscovering that DE shaving is still viable.
2) Being able to experiment with different soaps, and blades while trying to find the best fit(s).
3) Striving to obtain a BBS or DFS+ shave each morning.