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This is what happens when.....

you ask trumpers to send you samples of EVERY scent they have, including the "house specials" and such..... 24 vials show up :biggrin:

JohnP said:
Wow Joel,
I'm jealous.
John P.

Don't be..... while some of them are wonderful - the vast majority are very similar, and don't leave much of an impression. Of my favorites - most of them do not have much, if any staying power. The Eucris, Spanish Leather, GFT, Sandalwood, Bay Rum (especially nice), Fougena and a few others are great - and colognes I own - or plan on purchasing. A good portion of them are "so-so" or fade incredibly quick. The price was right though :em2300:
Yea I just received my package from them as well..........not quite as many as you, probably a dozen or so. Never received other samples though like skin food and what not.
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