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    Have been wanting to get a Thiers Issard Razor but have heard about some quality issues, my biggest concern is the bevel, I know the bevel being even and perfect makes no difference in the shave but my OCD wants the perfectly even bevel, the other things I had heard are warped blades and scales that have had issues so for those that have newer produced TI’s what issues have you seen.

    I have been looking mostly on The Invisable Edge as they seem to carry a lot of them, I am looking at the higher end models and not the entry level ones, the ones that sport the rams horn scales and worked spines really catch my eye but those are the pricey ones.
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    I've got six and haven't had any problems.
  2. Do you want to try this one?
  3. Go for it. I haven't seen the horrible stories that are out there in reality and I've honed plenty of them. Many times they have a wavy bevel that needs one correction and then your good for life.
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    Just an appetiser:
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  5. 7946381B-3853-439D-806A-3BFFB9CC3CE5.jpeg Somewhat of a crap shoot. I have had one with a really uneven grind-shaved ok, hurt to look at.
    Had another stolen..didn’t have it all that long but the scales had to be replaced after about 6 months because they warped so bad. No idea how the replacements worked out unfortunately.
    Had a third...meh.
    Currently have a LeDandy which has a nice bevel, holds an edge well, all in all a good razor. Had it rescaled in bocote right from the get-go.
    I would try another perhaps with “stamina wood” (whatever that is) scales.
  6. Larry,

    That’s very generous but let me think about it and will let you know.
  7. I do like that but thinking the rams horn scales are pretty different and I like different, if I had a choice and could go back in time I would buy a 7 day set of Filarmonica’s and be done, I have 3 Filarmonica razors and they all hone and shave perfectly.
  8. My first TI was a damaged Spartacus from the "Shave Network" bunch. After much contention and a CC stop payment, I was made whole on the damaged razor. I have since acquired 3 others and all are excellent. I think you will be fine with "Invisible Edge". TI makes a good razor. IMHO
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    Two very beautiful razors, with two different types of blade. Just remember that the British Pound is about 1.5 times the value of the US Dollar. Having a good hobby is expensive. If it was me I'd choose the first one. Then again why not get both?
  10. Both I doubt but one is possible and I to like the first one a lot, I do tend to window shop a lot anymore so it may not happen but looking is free.
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    Window shopping is mostly far more satisfying than actually spending your hard earned money.
  12. Yes it is :em2300:
  13. I have a rams horn scaled TI that I bought second hand for only $100 and I noticed right away that the bevel wasn't even. The first time I took it to a honer, he got it sharp and mentioned there was a tiny wave on the spine that wouldn't have any impact on the shave--but I wasn't impressed compared to the Feather AC I had been using. I then sent it to a top-tier honer and he said that there was no need to reset the uneven bevel, so he sharpened it and returned it to me. Honestly--I still didn't love it. Every time I take it out to shave with it, I want to love it, but I find the TI to be tuggy compared to the Portland Razor Co. or vintage straight I own. And none of them are quite as smooth as the Feather AC.
  14. I would really like to have another TI, but I had one a while back that had a bevel which looked like a Dow Jones line graph. Shaved OK....but far too annoying to look at. The plastic scales are no great shake either. They seem to start going caddywhampus about a week after taking the razor out of the box. Gotta worry when vendors will try and “qualify” the less-than-great appearance of a TI, writing it off as a side effect of “hand crafted” goods.
    Guess if I keep looking, I will find a good one
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  15. I have x6,but i would not buy one with 100c6 steel,as it is an alloy steel cheaper to make ,
    heat treatment not so critical,an idiot could make one,but like swedish steel difficult for me to get sharp enough.only white steel expertly made is good enough for me,fussy sorry.Thiers Issard razors are not exactly cheap ,so 100c6 is a no no
  16. TIs are really neat, neer had any quality issue, but i have only vintage ones.. none of the new ones...
  17. If you are buying from the Invisible Edge I suggest emailing them. They are super helpful and I am sure would take extra care to inspect and ensure you get a good one.

    The TIs I have bought from them have been perfect.

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