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They are vintage...???

Hello gentlemen,

this I found in dad's bathroom cabinet, it seems, that these two items are more than 20years old...

I don't know if they are still useable, mhm, I don't really want to try them..., but they look vintage...


Guten Abend Herr Thomas,

Besuchen Sie doch die Tabac-Originalseite für die Werbung von 1982.

(I'll continue in English as my German still needs improvement -on which I am working:001_smile )
About a quarter century old bottles and tubes!You can easily recognise the red stamp/label on the front and the black box with the Tabac brand name.
My humble questions for you:

1. How does the Tabac aftershave a/o smell after all these years? Has the scent aged and does it still have any staying power?
2. How is the Tabac brand doing nowadays in Germany? I'm 28 and I love every item in the product range, but I fear that Tabac has become something of a grandfather product. Is it still popular amongst younger men?

Greetings from a Germanophile! (which explains my avatar as you will understand)
Hallo Frederik,

bitte nicht Siezen, Du ist in Ordnung und einfach nur Thomas oder Tom.

The scent of TABAC is a very classical scent, in the German forum www.nassrasur.com there are also younger members which uses the TABAC AS and EdT, so I don't think that it's a question of age to wear a classic.

I hope you can understand all what I mean, my English is a bit rusted...:blushing: :blushing:

The A/S balm what you see on the picture smells like new, but the concistence is, after the years, more than milk...:confused: :confused:

Hope that helps...

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