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The thing I'd miss most...

Hi all...
not been on here for a couple of years (maybe?) now. This is because I've moved full time onto my narrowboat and now live "off grid" cruising the English canal system. This resulted in a truly severe downsizing and I had to make drastic choices on what I could keep because of space restrictions.

Anyway, this evening I needed to shower and shave for an early dental appointment in the morning. As I was shaving I found myself considering my kit, it now being minimal to say the least: 1 Parker razor, 1 Wilkinson Sward razor, 1 merkur (now binned as the handle cracked and the finish blistered!), 2 bowls of soap - Tabac and MWF. The MWF will not be replaced, again, due to space restrictions. 3 brushes: 1 silvertip I couldn't bear to part with but now never use, 1 Omega boar and one 3 year old (or so) Wilkinson Sward boar. Plus 1 bottle of any old aftershave I like and can get at the time.

Which of these noble items would I hate to lose the most? It's that WS boar brush!!! After 3 years it's now silky smooth and perfect for me. It's a nicer feel than the silvertip. It lathers the Tabac and MWF like a dream and holds enough lather for my usual three and half passes, never sheds a hair (well, hardly ever which is more than can be said of my current Omega AND the last Omega 49 I had which just fell apart after a year). The handle is a good ergonomic shape and comfy to use. Perfect!

Yep, I would truly miss that silly thing if I lost it, and just think I nearly just threw it away...odd how things turn out sometimes


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When escaping from the Philippines (Covid), I was restricted to one checked suitcase plus carry-on into which I had to pack all my most needed worldly possessions. It certainly clears your cluttered live of material possessions.

I brought with me a M7DS of SRs, pasted balsa strops, two leather strops, two brushes and a couple of ARKO sticks. All the rest of my shaving gear was basically given to the poor.
..well, hardly ever which is more than can be said of my current Omega AND the last Omega 49 I had which just fell apart after a year
That is surprising as I hear Omega are generally durable. Mind you the 49s are <£10 so they lasted >5 years I would be happy.
Perhaps you mash your brushes which is a guarantee for early failure. Also failing to rinse out the soap residue leads to build up and early failure of the knot.
It sounds like you chose your gear wisely when you downsized. Congratulations, enjoy your shaves, & enjoy the canals. You are the envy of many a man.
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