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The poor man's Arlington?


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On my last trip to my favorite NYC supplier of high end shaving supplies, that wonderful little pharmacy that begins with a "P", I decided to get some more Taylor Avocado. Now, the inconsistency of Taylor's tubs are somewhat legendary, so I shamelessly opened each of the half dozen or so tubs on the shelf. As a long time resident of the city, the disdainful stares of the old biddies squeezing through the cramped aisle were no problem (we're a tough lot- my father's headstone reads "What are you lookin' at?").
What I discovered inside was appalling. One of them was no more than 1/3 filled with a loose slurry of glop. I was astonished not to find a "Sample-not for sale" sticker on the outside. Others were not as bad, but were nevertheless unimpressive. Finally, we have a keeper: a pristine jar filled to the brim with a perfect, dense, thick mound topped with a lovely swirl one would expect on the top of an ice cream cone. I was sold on looks alone.

This particular tub is a dead ringer for one of my very favorite creams, the D. R. Harris Arlington. It provides very nearly the same level of rich, luxurious lather, and ample lubrication for the cold winter months. As for the scent, it's nothing to write home about, but I should point out that I'm not a big fan of the Arlington scent, either. I rank it as fair to poor in their colognes or after shaves, but is very nice and mild in their cream. The avocado is not entirely dissimilar, strange as that may sound. It's much better than I remember it, and I'm very satisfied with this latest tub. It is, I should mention, from the "old" batch, but that is another story that has already been beaten to death.

At $14, versus a very reasonable $25 for the Harris, it's a terrific supplement to, if not a substitute for, the Arlington. I would not, however, purchase it on line, or without first opening it.
Perhaps this would be better entitled, "Beware the Miserable Packing?" It is really disturbing to hear your experiences. Next time you go to your fav pharm, bring a scale with you to see if all of that hooplah about, "It's sold by weight" is a lie too. Thanks for the unsettling report.:001_smile


Stjynnkii membörd dummpsjterd
I didn't mean to imply that they smell alike, and my characterization is admittedly a bit of a stretch. They just don't strike me as a day/night type of difference, as would almond and rose. The Arlington has a light, refreshing citrus-based aroma, whereas the avocado is a little harder to describe. They are both fairly lightly scented, though I'd certainly descibe the former as more "appealing".
Consistency-wise, and in terms of efficacy, they both give me some very nice shaves. I put (this tub) of Taylor's in my top two from that company, along with their rose. As for Harris, I have yet to try a product that is less than exemplary.
I've always loved the Arlington scent both in the cologne and the shaving cream. In fact, I'm lucky to be able to wera the cologne and have it last just about all day long on me, and I only use 3 sprays of it.

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