The Pawn Stars Rick Harrison advertises One Razor by Micro Touch on TV

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  1. syngent

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    Look who is leading an assault on the high cost of multi-blade cartridges. Yes that is him on the far left in the group of curmudgeons below.


    Yes none other than Pawn Stars own Rick Harrison.

    Looks like our big shaving secret is out of the bag

    What we have known here at Badger and Blade for sometime now has led to a tv spot using a television star to promote what we practice. So for those of you looking at something like this for the first time, and wondering just what the big deal is well lets walk you through it all a little bit.

    Although I can not speak to the quality of Ricks particular razor, there are many new, as well as vintage razors that very much live up to the claims made by Rick Harrison in this spot. A single edge blade when used properly can give you one of the most comfortable and smoothest shaves you may have ever experienced in your life. For over a 100 years it was the only way a man turned himself into a proper gentlemen. Not until disposable carts, and their profit margins came into play, did anyone ever think there was another way to do it. Razors used to be made to last, and there isn't as much money to be made, in a long lasting item. A disposable razor you can make cheaply, sell at a premium, and advertise a one up on the other guy. This doesn't mean its best for you and your shave though. Double edge razors like the one in this ad will run anywhere from 10-50 dollars for a good quality razor that may just outlive you, blades for the razor can be bought for less then 10 bucks per 100 blades making it one of the cheapest per shave options on the market today, DE shaving can in fact save you money.

    But wait folks there's more !


    So much more, shaving with a single edge blade isn't the end of the story, not at all. Have you ever seen old movies or advertisements with the shaving brushes and soaps ? they are still very much available and come in all kinds of great shapes sizes, and with soaps and creams the options in scents, and ingredients are almost endless. Shaving with a brush can exfoliate your skin and help lift hairs for a much cleaner and more comfortable cut of the whisker, and the pleasure of using a great puck of soap, or shot of cream in a scent that can take you out of your shave den and into a wonderful moment is beyond zen like !


    Of course you probably won't get the best shave ever right out of the gate, there is a bit of skill involved and you will have to learn how to build a proper lather, although that won't take much time, and its so fun you will want to practice between shaves anyway... we would love to show you how. Single edge razors can bite you when you're starting out "angle and pressure (zero pressure for the record)" is what we preach, after a few times out, or maybe a few more you'll have the hang of it and wonder why you ever even looked at those expensive carts to begin with. The look and feel of the single edge razors, like the one Rick is using just can't be beat either, just wait till people start seeing your razor laying around the bathroom and commenting on it to you. There certainly is a cool factor that can't be topped with a Double Edge razor, well except for maybe a straight razor... we use those around here too you know. Better for your skin, carrying on a very hip tradition, and much, much more options available to you at much less money than the modern systems, what's not to love ?.


    Badger and Blade is a place where gentlemen and ladies share their shaving experience and pleasure with other like minded individuals, and help new guys find their way into a wonderful shave. No need to worry about asking the wrong question as you will not find a nicer place, and group of members on the internet like you will find around here. We have games we have prizes, we help each other out, it's all about carrying on a tradition that's been around since men began to shave in the first place. While I can't tell you how good or bad Ricks razor is in the commercial, its really neat to see the traditional wet shave get a spot of attention like that.... the more the merrier is how we feel

    Welcome to Badger and Blade, we are glad you found us, and you'll be glad you did as well
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  2. Any links to the Ad? I'd love to see what you're talking about..
  3. And you only need 24 blades a year. The most shaves I get from a blade is 3.
  4. Jim

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    In many ways this is a watershed moment in our little hobby. When was the last time a DE razor was advertised on national TV during prime time?

    Have we reached the tipping point? Who knows, but it's interesting to see nonetheless.
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  5. It looks just like a Weishi, even comes in what appears to be exactly the same box only black.

  6. Thanks. Hmm, not too sure how I feel about this. Glad the words getting out, but seems Rick is only in it for the money that Micro Touch is going to bring in for him...Wonder if he even uses a SE/DE.
  7. Syngent,

    Your post is a bit confusing as you refer to a "single edge" blade and razor. The ad is all about DEs.
  8. syngent

    syngent Moderator Emeritus

    One blade cutting at a time... not an SE

    As opposed to the 5 blade carts... I didn't want to use DE or SE terms as some new guys or people that may google in won't know what the term means
  9. There have already been a couple of posts on this ad. I think Mantic even purchased one to try out and is still waiting on getting it.
  10. maxman

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    Well if anyone wants to learn how to get the most out of their razor, this is the place to look!
  11. syngent

    syngent Moderator Emeritus

    Lol I'm getting the impression something was missed and something wasn't read

    More on this story as it developes
  12. syngent

    syngent Moderator Emeritus

    I know my face got a lot happier thanks to the folks here Mark
  13. When is any other celebrity endorsement any different? I don't use a Fusion, but I'd endorse them if I could get paid for doing so.
  14. "This is like deja vu all over again" - Yogi Berra
  15. I bought a Weishi just to try out once. Never even used it, ended up selling it on CL to some very excited old guy. Been selling him vintage Gillettes ever since. Nice guy, he is. :)

    True, although I don't think I could ever endorse a cartridge razor...Even for the right price. Well, maybe, if it helped me get a Double Ring/Big Fellow than yeah, I'd consider it... :001_tt1:
  16. LOL I am going to stay old school with my 1912 Gem.
  17. Toothpick

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    Awesome write up James!

    I think many folks will see this as the "gateway razor". It's inexpensive, comes with blades, and will get the job done. The fact that it is endorsed by Rick & Pawn Stars only helps the cause IMO. One of the most popular characters and show on TV.

    Regardless of if he actually uses a DE/SE and how we (experienced wet shavers) feel about the razor offered it is still a big win for traditional wet shaving. I look forward to the influx of new shavers to our world.

    Are the points he makes to shaving with a single edge factual? Darn right!
  18. Niles

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    Good to see Rick Harrison is helping us get the word out about classic wetshaving!

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