The Pawn Stars Rick Harrison advertises One Razor by Micro Touch on TV

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  1. The Micro Touch One is a Weishi, and a very mild razor.
  2. Shhhhhhhhhhhhh. He doesn't need to know thaaaaaaaat. ;-)

    I think the micro touch one is the only weishi available in chrome plated brass. I've seen em in copper, aluminum, zinc alloy, but never in solid brass that's chrome coated. Either way I'm glad it's good quality.
  3. Well, then he might also not want to know that neither of them is brass. :001_rolle
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  4. Mine is brass.
  5. My objection to ALL TV and sports stars appearing in advertising is that IMO they are paid shills. There is nothing that makes them experts on the items being advertised. They are in it for the money. The same is true for the mouthpieces who appear in multiple product advertisements. My attitude is that if it requires massive advertising then I probably do not need it. I look to specialty places like B&B for information as 98% of advertising is lies and exaggeration.
  6. Fyi they have been found out as fakes...yes there is a pawn shop yes there are people working there but no it is not the people from pawn shop..somebody found them out a long time ago...even the items they had for sale was sub par trash...nothing like the tv series...
  7. @hcoop111 Is that really a surprise? Have you ever been in a pawn shop that was nice and had nice stuff? They're junk brokers in my experience. Still you can sometimes find a deal.
  8. Our local pawn shop has some nice stuff and a premium price tag to match. Some of their used stuff is almost as much and sometimes more than new. Kinda figures though.

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  9. Yeah, right after I sent that, I thought about a pawn shop being in Vegas. I'm betting they have quite a jewelry counter... Probably more than a few engagement rings on display haha

    Where I grew up, the biggest pawn shop was almost exclusively a gun shop. Had a small jewelry showroom. And then the other smaller shops in town were basically junk dealers. Lots of guitars and amps, video games, tvs, computers, whatever people could get a few bucks out of when money was tight.

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