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The New Synthetic

Just received and used this morning my new AP Shave Co. ubrush with a 24 mm SilkSmoke knot. The brush can be taken apart and you can order just the 2 piece handle or singles of both pieces. The reasoning being you can mix and match to find the colour scheme you prefer. Not a lot of choice but it is a bit different. I tend to prefer the 24 mm brushes, I have a couple of 26mm and they do work well, but they feel a bit too large for me. Anyway, the brush is very soft and I was a bit concerned about backbone. Well...didnt have to worry. I find the synths are very good bowl latherers, spinning up a really nice lather. Today used a cream from a separate container, just wet the brush and swirled it for a bit and then built the lather in a Captains Choice copper bowl. Worked really well. The brush is extremely comfortable, delivers lather well and...no shedding.
Very happy with the brush and AP Shave.
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