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The Millennium Collection

Finally here it is. I've been working on this for about six months. After collecting them, I would restore one at time as I worked on batches of other restorations. They were all a mess when I got them, some even had broken scales, most had rust on the blades. All the scales are original as are all the blades. I repined each with original style pins. They are all shavers. I call them the Millennium Collection as I estimate their total combined ages at over a thousand years. These are not for sale.

Click on the image to see the slide show of the individual razors.


Those are beautiful. It must be awesome to shave with them. Such a tangible reminder of their history. Nice shadow box presentation btw.
At the risk of sounding hyperbolous, I think those who do this are making a valuable contribution to our heritage and cultural legacy.

(glad I didn't overdo that post!)
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