The Maple Tree

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    I absolutely agree with you. I will say when it comes to solid wood brushes yours are the most beautiful ones I have seen.
  1. ajkel64

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    Beautiful handle, the grain looks outstanding.
  2. Wow, I am simply floored. These are some beautiful handles. The tree certainly had produced some amazing wood. Your skill is also on display here... This is some awe inspiring work.
  3. Great grain can easily be wasted if not shaped well, and you have a gift for shaping handles to display the natural beauty of the grain.
  4. Graydog

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    Horse for pictures , Three different grain patterns .same tree :) 1-SWR_2887.JPG 3-SWR_2870.JPG
  5. They are gorgeous
  6. Whoever said don't get your neigh'ers in a knot is wrong!

    Oh, it was knickers in a knot?

    Never mind.

    They look great!
  7. Those are beautiful! Wow. Love the grain in these... So much character.

    Great work, please keep the pictures coming.
  8. Fantastic looking brushes. You never cease to amaze
  9. Oh maple tree, Oh maple tree
    How lovely are your brushes?
    Your grain so Lovely
    on the spinning lathe
    and even when the finish is on.
  10. Those are nice. Love the Spalting. You're so lucky to have that tree.
  11. Graydog

    Graydog Contributor

    I liked it more when it was still standing:) but thank you Larry for the kind words.
  12. Love, love, love the spalting!!!!

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